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HACIMS - Telemedicine Solution (MOIT - HEALTH NET Telemedicine Project for Rural/Remote Areas of Pakistan)

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  • Telemedicine by definition is "The use of medical information exchanged from one site to another via electronic communication for the health and education of the patient or health care provider and for the purpose of improving patient care."
  • MoIT-HealthNet, Telemedicine projects are meant to assist the government in Transforming delivery of healthcare services and making them available at the door-steps of common man, through the use of information and communication technology as a solution.
  • he project is being proposed with the objective to provide people living in rural/ remote areas of Pakistan, cost effective means for seeking consultation, advice and treatment from specialist doctors based in big urban center hospitals, at their desktops through Tele-Diagnosis/Consultation and Tele-Treatment.
  • Reduce the isolation of healthcare providers in rural communities through the expansion and enhancement of the Tele-medicine, which provides educational and clinical services.
  • Reduce cost of travel for patients and providers.